8 Tips how to survive a long flight

Finally time has come: It´s time for my long-awaited flight to Chile. Over 100 days I had to wait until I can finally see my partner in crime again – couldn´t be more excited! But before I´ll finally fall into his arms I have to overcome a long haul flight – 17 hours with a little stopover in Paris. I hope this time everything goes smoothly and my bad experiences with the stop-over airport in Paris will be compensated again. To make the flight as comfortable as possible, I made some flight preparations. I´d like to share my experiences with you guys and maybe one or the other tip is still new for you and might help you on your next long flight.

By the way, my longest long haul flight went to Australia three years ago – it took me 25 hours with two short stopovers in Munich and AbuDhabi to get me to my dream destination. So comparing to that the flight to Chile seems almost like no big deal. With these precautions I hope to arrive fit and joyful.

  1. The water bottle – my friend and helper

The number one rule on long-haul flights is to always stay hydrated. Because the humidity decreases enormously on flights, so that our body needs an extra portion of hydration. With an empty water bottle you can easily get through the safety check and then refill it free of charge with tap water. In some countries there are also special water wells where you can fill up your drinking bottle. If you like to filter your water or drink it with taste, you can order special drinking bottles online that have an integrated filter.

  1. Planning a highlight

Who likes to sit around for hours waiting, waiting, waiting? No one duh! In order to trick myself a little, I always get something for long-haul flights which I am particularly looking forward to: a new book, a magazine or a (mobile) game, which I wanted to try for a long time, but never had the time to try it. The anticipation of this is usually so great that the first two to three hours already go by unnoticed. Although there is usually a wide range of entertainment on long-haul flights, I usually also download a series via Netflix or Amazon to my ipad or mobile phone just in case.

  1. Use time wisely

Who, like me, often works from his notebook, can use the flight time beneficial. In order not to disturb my fellow travelers with annoying typing noises, I avoid writing on my novels on long flights, but proofreading of recently written chapters works perfectly. Even time-consuming and annoying tasks such as the intake of a back-up to a hard disk, which you have in any case, can be set up. You can revise your folder structure, delete old photos or use the time to edit photos.

  1. Stimulating blood circulation

For longer flights I stand up about every two hours to represent my legs. Those who do not want to disturb the other flight passengers by constantly running up and down the aisles are well advised with a walk to the toilet corridor. Because mostly there is a small extra area in front of the toilets, where you can put yourself to stretch. There for example I like to wiggle a few minutes up and down on the tips of the toes. In order to reduce the risk of thrombosis, it is also good to use special thrombosis stockings. I bought mine for about €30 online a few years ago and they are always used for long-haul flights.

  1. Warm packing

I’m always cold on planes so I always have a big comfy scarf with me – even on short flights. On long distance you are best dressed with an onion look. It should be as soft and comfortable as possible. So instead of jeans or dresses I usually choose soft pants and a t-shirt with a hoodie.

  1. Thinking of changing clothes

I always carry changing clothes in my hand luggage. After a long haul flight you can immediately freshen up and start your adventure at the destination with a good feeling. In addition you are always prepared in case the luggage gets lost or arrives delayed. Especially on a long-haul flight with a stopover it can happen that your own luggage does not arrive on time.

  1. Pack refreshers

At the end of a flight I like to make myself fresh with a few little helpers. On long-haul flights, there is usually a small careset, in which socks, a toothbrush as well as toothpaste and a sleeping mask are included free of charge. So you don’t necessarily have to pack them yourself. However it´s never wrong to bring deodorant and some cleaning cloths. Even a small layer of make-up helps you to overcome your own tiredness and helps to feel fit again to start the adventure on arrival. Some frequent travelers also swear by face masks, which can be easily applied on a flight. Sheet masks are particularly easy to remove and provide the damaged skin with sufficient moisture.

  1. Proactive food planning

Anyone who has a food intolerance, is pregnant or has a vegetarian or even vegan diet should plan their meal when booking a flight. Many airlines offer alternative meals. For the little hunger in between I usually also pack a little snack like a cereal bar, fruit or something sweet.

If you have any more tips, share them in the comments – because you never learned out and the next trip is definitely coming!

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