Packing lists: the best friend of a globetrotter

Isn´t it typical? The anticipation for the holiday is rising, but the packing is displaced until the last minute in order to forget half of the things you wanted to pack in your stressed mood. In the rush, you easily left the bikini for the beach holiday at home, after boarding the plane you recognize you already miss your e-reader or even worse you forgot the charging cable for your mobile phone at home. Horrible! Been there, done that – clearly don´t want it anymore! So I have been working the last years with packing lists to make sure that something like that does not happen to me anymore.

I have never been so quick in packing and what is even better, even on the return flight the little organization helper help me because now I no longer have to look up all the drawers to make sure that I have not left anything important in the hotel room. Because with the small checklist I always keep the optimal overview. Just like that on a compact double page, the list sums up all the essentials from the required cosmetics, through the travel pharmacy to technical favourites.

And because I’m a little organization lover I have three variants of the packing list. A summer version for the warm regions, a winter version and a backpack edition that helps you to concentrate on the essentials. After all who wants to spoil his trip from back pain, just because he has too much luggage? Not me – anymore! So if you want to benefit from some of my travel experiences, try it out.

#download pack lists for free:

summer edition               winter edition                backpacking edition

And since everyone is packing differently, I have left of course some free lines for your individual notes. Because one is satisfied with a minimalist camera, while the next takes his whole technology equipment on the road – no judgement. Whether you´re travelling with a tiny bag, a backpack or a trolley no matter how you travel – I can highly recommend my little packing helpers. Just try it out too!

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