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Writing is my greatest passion. I have always liked to create small stories and breathe life into my ideas through manifestation them in words. On this blog I would like to give you an insight into my life as an author. How does a typical writing routine look like, which hurdles come to one and how much time management is necessary, if you want to find time for writing even though you still have a fulltime job. I also report here with lots of joy and pleasure of my travel adventures. You can accompany me on my way to explore other cultures, I take you to the most intricate places and introduce you fondly won dishes.

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Since I’m neither a millionaire nor planning a bank robbery, I’m happy about every support I get for this blog.My connection to my readers is the most important thing for me, so it is extremely important to me to always be transparent and honest with you guys, if i take a cooperation. If some form of cooperation take place, I always indicate this under the respective blog post and deliberately point out. Should a monetary sponsorship be done and I will be paid for a blog post, then this contribution will be marked as paid advertising. Nevertheless cooperations on this blog are a rarity and I only accept them if I am really convinced of a collaboration. In any case my blog posts are always showing my personal opinion.


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If I am absolutely convinced of a product and recommend this to you, I sometimes link it with an affiliate link. If one of my readers actually purchases a product via this link, I get a small commission. This does not incur any additional costs for the buyer. If you would like to support me and my blog, I am very happy if you use one of my links if you are interested. Of course, everyone is left to decide whether or not to buy a product that I recommend through an affiliate link. Because every recommendation from me can be easily found on Google. So the Affiliate link is only one way of support, but not a must.



In addition to using my links, I am particularly excited about feedback from you. If you like something, I’m very happy when you show me: Share your thoughts and experiences by writing a comment on this blog or by sharing a post via social media. Because in my opinion a blog only turns into something magical if there are reactions to the written posts and when there is an exchange of different thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I would be  happy to hear from you again!