25 Insider tips for stockholm

The capital city of Sweden is a total must-visit and here are 25 insider tips for your next visit.

When I visited Stockholm with my boyfriend for a long-weekend I didn´t really expected much, but the city surprised me so many times that I definitely want to go there again. The food is insanely delicious, the architecture and styling fascinated me and everything looked so pretty – the places but also the people. Scandinavians really have a great taste in styles and even the normal train looks like a first class option.  Everything is so stylish here so better be prepared to do some shopping as well.

So in this post I share with you the prettiest spots of the city, where you find the best breakfast and dinner and what you shouldn´t miss out on if you ever have the chance to visit Stockholm.

Most important things to know:

֎ The city of Stockholm is situated in 14 islands. Even in summertime it´s pretty cold as there is always a fresh breeze of the ocean, so better pack some warm clothes as well.

֎ It´s not only a stylish city, it´s also very clean so don´t throw your rubbish away on the street.

֎ Swedish krona is what you use for paying in sweden. At the beginning of 2020 it´s 1 (Euro) to 10 (swedish krona), so it´s pretty easy to convert in mind.
Important Fact: Cash is barely accepted in the city so better don´t get some cash as you will probably not have the chance to use it anyway. Better pack your credit card.

֎ The public transport system works pretty good. It runs regularly and some of the stations look really beautiful so I recommend you to try it out at least once, even though you can basically walk most of the city easily.

place to sleep

֎ Generator Stockholm is a big hostel brand and they have a pretty good hostel in Stockholm. Our room was really big, as we got lucky and had a barrier-free. It´s central to all the good things you want to visit and near the central station.

places to drink:

֎ Man in the moon is a pretty good bar with craft beer and they have great food as well.
address: Tegnérgatan 2C
Website Man in the moon

֎ Beer Mikkeller has great beer and I can especially recommend it around afternoon time. You can sit outside and enjoy great craft beer and will meet lots of locals that are drinking an afterwork-beer
address: Brahegatan 3-5
Facebook-Site Beer Mikkeller

֎ Omnipollos hatt is another great craft beer spot and they also have delicious pizzas with unusual toppings.
address: Hökens gata 1A
Website Omnipollos hatt

֎ Stampen – Last but not least comes the life music bar, where I would recommend you to go out for a few drinks at nighttime. It´s a jazz & rhythm´n´blues bar in the old town of stockholm.
address:Stora Gramunkegränd 7
Website Stampen

places to eat:


֎ Café Pascal has not only delicious sweet things but also some salty goodies that you will love. They have great oat bowls and choco-pistacchio-buns that are like the more creative form of a cinnamon-bun. Pure deliciousness, obviously as cinnamon buns are originally from here and you will find lots of great alternatives.
address: Norrtullsgatan 4
Website Café Pascal

֎ Bakery Fabrique was actually my favorite spot for a breakfast in stockholm. They have some different little bakeries and you can even sit in some of them and have a quick breakfast. It´s not a fancy café, but all the baked things where so delicious that I had to go there over and over again. They have lots of different things but my favorites where the 3 different types of cinnamon buns which I´m still craving for every single day since we left the city – which was month ago! So that´s how good they actually are.
address: Rosenlundsgatan 28
Website Fabrique

֎ Kaffeeverket is a typical hipster place where you will find lots of freelancers working on there computers, while drinking some coffee. The portions are not so big, but they have a good wifi-conection.
address: Sankt Eriksgatan 88
Website Kaffeverket

֎ Pom & Flora has probably the most instagramable food and you might get surprised with some of the creations they do here  – #realfoodmagic
address: Bondegatan 64
Website Pom & Flora

֎ Brunkebergs Bageri och bistro is also a good breakfast spot that I can recommend you.
address: Birger Jarlsgatan 53
Website Brunkebergs Bageri och Bistro

֎ Bröd & Salt are kind of everywhere in stockholm and they have lots of different options. If you want to have a cheap and quick breakfast or snack you should try them.
address: Sankt Eriksplan 6B – but also in lots of other spots.
Website Bröd & Salt

Lunch and Dinner

֎ Husmans Deli is in the Östermalmhallen and a total must-go. It is a part of a food market where you will find lots of different little restaurants and food spots where you can try the typical swedish food. Husmans Deli was our favorite and I can really recommend you to try the köttbullar there.
address: Humlegaardsgatan 1
Website Husmans Deli

֎ La Neta is a little mexican spot. It´s not a fancy place at all, it´s more a spot where you go at nighttime to get a quick snack, but it´s the best mexican spot in town.
address: Östgötagatan 12B
Website La Neta

֎ If you are looking for something more elegant you should definitely try out The flying elk. It is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm and extremely delicoius. You can choose between a tasting menu with different dishes or one main dish. We tried the tasting menu which were 6 dishes, so it´s not too many plates, but definitely enough to not be hungry afterwards. The ambiente was romantic, the waiters really friendly and I loved the hole atmosphere. Whenever I go back to Stockholm I would definitely go to this restaurant again.

As you might notice by now me and my boyfriend have a big icecream obsession and we are always on the hunt for the best icecream spot in a city. These ones are my tips for Stockholm.

֎ SNÖ icecream has some creamy and tasty flavors that we liked a lot.
address: Odengatan 92
Instagram-Site SNÖ

֎ You will find the icecream of Stickinicki Gamla Stan in one of the main restaurant streets. They don´t have a place to sit, but the icecream is really tasty.
address:Drottninggatan 90B
Website StickiNicki

Don´t miss out on:

֎ Gamla Staden – The old part of the town has lots of beautiful colorful houses, the castle and parlament building and lots of other things you might want to see. Everything is very close and you can walk around in just one or two hours.
insider tip: Järnpojike is the smallest sculpture of the city with just 15cm and it says that if you touch it, it would get bring luck to get pregnant soon. It´s a sculpture of a little boy who looks up to the moon and in winter time they even give him a scarf and a hat.

֎ Fotografiska is a photo museum which left us speechless. It´s a big recommendation and there is also a great café on the top level with a great view over the city
address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22
Website Fotografiska

֎ The metro station art is incredible. These are some of my favorite stations:
I. T-Centralen is a cool looking metro station and probably the busiest station of the city as lots of lines run through it. If you are looking for the art, you’ll need to go down a few floors and look for the Blue Line (you will know that you are almost there once the walls are painted blue as well). It took us just a few minutes to find it, but depending on which line you arrive it might take up to 10 minutes, as there are quit a lot of tunnels and escalators. The metro station is painted in blue and white variations. It´s decorated with beautiful blue leaves and was created by Per Olof Ultvedt.
II. Stadion looks like a rainbow and was my favorite station.
III. Solna Centrum looks like a vulcano and is covered in dark red. There are some other pretty ones, but I liked these three the most.

֎ Marten Trotzigs Gränd is the narrowest street of the city and looks really cool. It has only 36 steps and tapers down to a mere 90 centimetres. It´s also in the central of the city so you should have a look.

֎ Gröna Lund is an amusement park with over 30 attractions. It is located on the seaward side and you will have such a great view over the city.
address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9
Website Gröna Lund

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    1. Hi Nancy, I didn´t knew that there are so many islands either! 🙂
      The food spots and bars were really great, but I think there are so many more typical swedish dishes that I still want to try.

      Have a great day beautiful

    1. Hi Jill, oh I can really recommend it. It´s so beautiful and I wondered why I never visited it before as it´s also not that far away from my home country.
      Have a great day!!

  1. Liebe Tiziana, ich liebe es total, Reiseberichte oder Reisetipps zu lesen und daher habe ich deinen Beitrag sehr gefreut und dabei auch meinen eigenen Aufenthalt in Stockholm gleich mal etwas Revue passieren lassen. Bei mir sind es mittlerweile schon 8 Jahre, dass ich diese Stadt besucht habe und zwar zum Midsommar, dem Mittsommerfest. Aber auch damals war es gang und gäbe, nur mit Karte zu bezahlen – sogar bei einem kleinen Eis am Eiswagen war das Bargeld nicht wirklich erwünscht. Da wir sehr zentral gewünscht haben, haben wir leider die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel nicht genutzt und wirklich was versäumt, wenn ich mir deine tollen Bilder dazu ansehe. Vielen Dank auch für die tollen Empfehlungen.
    Hab ein ganz wunderbares Wochenende und alles Liebe

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