Let´s create your ideal writing routine

Today I want to share with you my 3 step process of how to create your ideal writing routine. This will help you when you are planning to write a book, are a blogger or just want to create better instagram captions. So if you want to be more consistently, get rid of distractions and a clearer writing headspace, than let´s dive in into my first tip.


If you want to find more time for writing or improve your writing skills than set yourself a writing intention. Choose a time that suits your daily life and plan it in your day as if it would be as important as your workout or meal time. Depending on your daily structure and if you are someone, who is more creative in the morning or at nighttime, you can set yourself a specific writing time.

This doesn´t mean, that you have to write a hole chapter of your book every single day at that time. Not at all! Some days you will be more creative or productive than on others and that is totally fine. In this case making your writing a daily habit is not about getting more done. It is about making the starting point of writing as easy as possible and reducing the hurdles to start.

I for myself choose the mornings as my writing time and always start my day with at least 45 minutes of writing before I have breakfast or start to get ready for the day. For me personally the mornings are the most creative time and I enjoy starting my day with something that I love.

What you are going to write on is such a personal choice. It can be a from a simple journaling and writing down your thoughts to working on one of your projects. Choose what feels best to you, but choose intentional. Klick um zu Tweeten


If you are a writer one of the most helpful tips is to concentrate on one project at a time. When you start writing on several books or even just several blog posts you will take more time to actually finish one of them. Where as when you write one after the other you feel the fulfilling greatfulness of actually completing a blog post and this will motivate you to keep going.

To make sure that you don´t loose all the creative ideas that you have for other blog posts you can write them down on an „idea list“. Take a few notes, but that´s it. Instead of starting 30 different blog posts at the same time, better concentrate on one and finish it, before you go on to the next one. You don´t have to publish it right away as soon as it´s done. You can safe it for later and create an upload plan for the next months, if you want to. But better have some finished blog posts in the line, than tons of half- finished ones that you actually already lost interested in the topic.

So decide: WHERE do you want to write, WHEN is your ideal writing time and WHAT will you write about. Lastly to help yourself to be more focused on the project you´ve choosen for the day/week/months make yourself clear WHY you will write on this blogpost in peticular and not one of the other ones. Think about your intention and it will make it so much easier for you to actually stick with it and be more productive on your writing than before. Because when it comes to your actual writing time you don´t have to question or decide now anymore and can fully concentrate on the writing itself.


You just finished your first writing session? That´s fabulous! Now go and choose a system to track your progress. The satisfaction of seeing your new consistency will help you. You can either track the days you wrote on, record your word count or write in a list how long you actually wrote. Whatever motivates you the most.
And secondly reward yourself with a nice little treat. For example after the first three days that you wrote in a row you could decide to choose a nice little café on the next day and write with a delicious coffee. You succeeded and wrote every single day in a week? Great than reward yourself with something that you are excited about! This can be a pretty coffee mug, new pens, a book that you really want to read or what ever makes you happy. Especially in the first weeks it is so important to be proud of yourself when you create a new habit and stick to it, so celebrate it. Be proud and reward yourself with something.

If you enjoyed my newest post, I´d be happy if you share it with your friends. Please let me know in the comments below if you found my tips helpful and I wish you guys a great weekend!

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  1. These are really good tips for creating a writing routine that you’ll actually stick to! Making it a part of your daily routine is a great idea. And I agree that it’s important to focus on one project at a time. Thank you for the tips!

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