You want to read more books in 2020? These 12 tips will help you!

From an early age on I loved reading and it was one of my favorite things to do. But over the years I got so busy with my life, that I felt like I don´t have the time for it. So I limited my reading time until it didn´t even exist anymore. For a few years I didn´t touch a book, but when I started to read again I couldn´t believe how good it felt and how much I have missed it. For me it´s one of the most calming things and I love to go on an adventure with the figures of a novel. For me reading is sinking in a different world for a few hours…

So if you feel like my old me and struggle with finding the time for reading here are 12 tips that will help you to read more books.


Before you start reading a new book ask yourself, why do you want to read it. Is it for pleasure or because you want to gain some new knowledge? Being sure about your own reading purpose will help you choose the right book and you will stay way more motivated reading it. If you want to read for pleasure and create a relaxing evening routine before bedtime to calm yourself down, than it will probably not be the best idea to read a non-fiction book with a heavy content. Nor will you enjoy reading a book in a different language as much on this special time. That doesn´t mean that you choose the wrong book or that you are not interested in a topic. The timing is just not the right in. So my first tip is to think about the purpose for your reading. That way you will be more likely to choose the right book at the right time and can enjoy it enthusiastically.


It doesn´t better how many people recommended you a book, what is important is that you want to read it. If you want to enjoy reading in your free time it shouldn´t feel like just another task that you have to do, so go for the books that attract you. If you are really intrested in the topic of a book, the writing style or even just the genre you will read it way faster ´cause you enjoy your time with it.


Please don´t feel guilty if you are reading a non-fiction book to skip pages, because some of the chapters don´t interest you that much. Sometimes you will even find out in the middle of a book that you actually don´t like it, so feel free to stop reading it at any time. Better put it away and choose a different one instead.


If you are someone who is not used to reading than better start little. You don´t have to read for hours or start with a 600 pages book right away. It might be better to choose a thin book for the beginning, that way you get in the flow easier and feel successful quicker when you finished it.


How much would you like to read in the new year? In 2019 I read 61 books which was way less than in the year before but I challenged myself to read more books in english so it´s alright. If you are a reading beginner maybe try to reach 12 books a year, that way you will know that you can choose one good book per month. Fast readers often set a reading goal of 50 or even 100 books per year, but the thing is it doesn´t really matter how many books you read. Important is that you enjoy your time and that they inspire you. ´Cause you read for meaning and not only to count words, right?


I think it´s very important to reflect the book that you just finished. I often take notes or mark my favorites quotes in a book. Like I said it´s important to not just rush through a book; better reflect and think about the messages of the book that way it will have a way bigger impact on your life.


Since I started writing down the titles of the books that I read per month, I felt way more motivated to read. You can either do that in a private notebook, on instagram or on book pages like goodreads and lovelybooks.


By the way authors are always super happy if you leave them a review on the book. It doesn´t have to be a long one, sometimes you might just want to write one or two little sentences and rate the book.  For some readers it gives them the feeling of a bigger purpose if they rate the book after they read it, so maybe you would like to do that too and see if it motivates you.


Schedule some reading time in your daily life and make it a habit. You can either plan some reading time in the morning or before bedtime, in the metro on your way to the uni or your job or maybe you like to read a few chapters while you´re sitting on the bike in the gym. Create a reading routine and you will read way more than in the last year.


Sometimes you will have unplanned free time, that you could use perfectly for reading a book. For example when you missed your train and have to wait for another ten minutes, when you are early at a doctors appointment or even in your lunch break there could be the time option for a few pages of your book. If you have a book or e-reader with you, you can use that time wisely instead of spending unmeaningful screen time on your phone.


Whenever you hear about an interesting book or see one that you would like to read, write it on a list so that you will remember it. That way you will start reading a new book way faster after you finished another one, as if you would when you would have no inspiration yet.


Maybe you are reading way faster on an e-reader than on a paperback and you just used the wrong medium so far. Or you struggle with long pages, but love to listen when advises go straight to your earbuds. As a child I loved to listen to audio books and I actually don´t understand why I ever stopped listening to them. Probably because I found it harder to get good audio books than an old classic hardcover, but nowadays there are so many good options to listen to them. I just fell in love with audio books again and whenever I do a boring task like cleaning, folding washing or even sometimes when I cook I turn on an audio book and enjoy the cozy childhood feeling. I also like how fast you can be done with a book by just listening to it. So try it out!  

Let me know in the comments below how many books you have read in the last year of 2019 and if you have a reading goal for this year!

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  1. These are good tips, thanks for sharing! 🙂 I find my biggest problem is having time for reading, when the kids are little it’s hard to find quiet time to just read and relax – I often us their nap times or sleep times to get caught up on housework or blog things instead!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 We spent the day with my mum yesterday shopping the sales for the leap day (and getting some great toy bargains we’ve put away for the kids birthdays!)

    1. Hi Mica,
      Oh I totally get you it’s so much harder to find quiet time when you have little kids around. Maybe an audiobook would be the right fit for you. I love to listen to them when I’m cleaning or you could even look one up that you can play on school dropout, maybe one that both you and your kids will enjoy

      Have a great day

  2. This is so helpful! My goal this year is to definitely read more, and so far I’ve read 13 books yay! I think knowing what books you like as well as your reading style. I’m someone who reads when on the go, so when I’m out and about and having to wait. Some people I know read before bed but I definitely can’t do that. To each their own!

    with love,
    Bash |

  3. These are all great tips! I like you loved reading as a child, but as life got busier and fuller with children and work, it began to slip. I know read for pleasure and my goal is 12 books a year, sometimes I get more, but I also have to read non-fiction and research for work and I love the tip you gave about skipping bits and pieces if they don’t apply to you. You can always come back and read those when you need further understanding in that particular area. Great post.

  4. I realised lately that not everyone reads especially a novel. For first timer, it seems daunting to finish up a thick book that occupies a lot of time that is rather used to do chores and errands. But I agree with you, it does feel good after finishing a book. I haven’t sat down and read for a long time since having children and your post has inspired me to do it again.

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