Quick Tips To Boost Your Mood

We all know these phases when we get overwhelmed by the little and big challenges of life. For me personally, the last season has been extra demanding, so I tried out some different things to boost my mood. Today I want to share the ones, that I found most helpful. They might not fix your problems, nor take the stress away completely, but they will help you deal better with it! And we all know the more we feel confident in our own body and mind, the better we handle tricky situations. So stay tuned for my little tricks and habits of how to feel better!

Quick Tips (5 mins)

Turn On Your Favorite Song

So often we underestimate the power of music, but it actually can cheer you up in just a few seconds. Create a happiness list (or look one up on Spotify) and turn it on loudly, when you feel low. Those happy songs will make you wanna shake your booty or even dance! Dancing and singing are some of those free and easy things in life, use them intentionally!

Stretch Your Body

Five minutes of stretching can be such a game-changer for the whole day. We often don´t realize how stiff our body feels.

Open The Window

Let some fresh air in! Spring is coming and even those fresh and cold breezes will wake your mind up and lower your stress level.


You don´t need to meditate for hours, try out short five-minute sessions. I personally love apps like simple habit, calm and balance, because they have a lot of short meditation sessions.

Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Ask if someone around you needs help or do something nice for them. It can be something quick, like doing the task of someone you live with or sharing a working area. Empty the dishwasher even when it´s not your turn, buy some flowers for someone or write a little nice note. This could also work for strangers: Leave a note of kindness on a park bench. Get creative. You will be surprised how quickly you forget your own worries (at least for a moment) when you think about someone else.

Get Ready For The Day

Take a shower, put on a nice outfit and some makeup. In the tricky pandemic times we live in, we mostly stay home in our pyjamas. That´s why it´s extra important to get ready and give your brain the sign that even if you won´t leave the house, it´s still going to be a great day. The other day, I curled my hair in the morning which I haven´t done for at least half a year. It took just 20 minutes but the whole day I felt so pretty with it, that I couldn´t believe it! Small things make such a difference! So paint your nails and do the small little thing that brightens up your mood. Take the time to make yourself feel beautiful. You might think you are the only one who sees it, but others will recognize your better mood even if it´s just over the phone!

Give A Compliment

Give someone a compliment or write a happy message to a loved one. For example, you could write to a friend in the morning and just wish them a great day and tell them you´ve been thinking about them. You´ll be surprised how many nice responses you will get.

Practice Gratitude

Write a list of what you are grateful for each day or get yourself a nice journal. I bought myself the 6-minute-diary at the beginning of the year and love it so much. They produce it in English and German and I already bought a second one, to give away as a gift. Each morning and evening the journal has a session of 3 short questions. It starts with making a list of three things you are grateful for. It continues with a few lines in which you write how you will make it a great day and lastly in the morning you write down a positive affirmation. The page gets split by daily quotes which motivate or inspire. In the evening you start with the question of what you did for someone else today. Afterwards, you write down how you will make your day better tomorrow and last but not least, you write down three good things that you experienced today. Such a helpful tool! For me personally, it was a great investment in my own mental health, but you could do a gratitude list in a more simple way if that suits you better.

Good Self-Care Habits (10 to 30 mins)

Offer Help

Yes, this was already one of the small tips, but there are so many moments when someone around you needs an extra pair of hands. You can really make their day way better, by just offering 20 or 30 minutes of your time. Ask your partner or your parents, if they need anything. Do you have a neighbour with a little child? Go and offer them help! They will be so grateful and yes they ALWAYS need it!

Play With A Child

Nothing cheers me up as much as spending fun time with a child. They can be so funny and cheeky and see the world from such an interesting angle.

Create Over Consume

Draw a picture, write a story, sew clothes – do something creative instead of just binge-watching a series.

Pamper Yourself

Take a hot bath, go into the sauna, treat yourself with a mask or a peeling. Massage your own body with oil.

Move Your Body

Walk around the block, just a few minutes outside will already distract your brain from the worries. It can give you a new perspective. You don´t always have to run or do a heavy workout (even though we all know this is also amazing!) but sometimes the small first step in that direction is just a tiny walk around your neighbourhood. Start with five minutes and see how it evolves.

Clean It Up!

Clean your apartment and get rid of unnecessary things. A clear space will help you get calmer as well. Cleaning can also have something meditative in itself. If you are sure it won´t help, I challenge you to try it! Even if it doesn´t make you feel better, at least your surroundings look nicer now and you didn´t waste your time just sitting around. Being grumpy doesn´t bring your closer to happiness.

Reading Over Socializing

Put your phone away for 30 minutes and grab a book instead! It can be just a fun story to read or a self-help book. Whatever you feel like.

Be Open About Your Feelings

When you realize your bad days turn into a longer and more serious phase, it´s even more important that you open up about your feelings to your support system. Your friends and family members can only help you if they know that you need them. Don´t be ashamed to ask for support. If they can´t offer you the help you need, look for someone that can. Especially in the uncertain times, we live in, so many of us deal with anxiety and depression. Talking to a therapist or psychiatrist is a brave step in taking care of your own well-being.

What helps you the most to feel better in a bad phase? Let me know in the comments below and I wish you all an amazing week,

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  1. Liebe Tiziana, ein ganz wunderbarer Beitrag und gleichzeitig ein kleines Nachschlagewerk, falls mal trübe Stimmung auftritt. Es ist doch so, dass wir uns dann einfach bewusst machen müssen, dass wir sehr wohl darauf Einfluss haben und eben aktiv werden müssen und oft sind es doch wirklich Kleinigkeiten, die uns dabei helfen. Daher finde ich deine Unterteilung in kürzere und längere Methoden toll. Um jetzt mal bei den „raschen“ Möglichkeiten zu bleiben – wenn wir für andere etwas tun oder ihnen ein Kompliment machen. Da können wir uns mit den anderen mitfreuen und unsere Anliegen treten in den Hintergrund. Eine Erfahrung, die ich im letzten Jahr immer wieder mit meinem Patenkind gemacht habe, ist das Spielen mit einem Kind – Kinder gehen an vieles einfach unbedarfter heran und können uns dadurch so wunderbar mitreißen.
    Hab ein ganz wunderbares Wochenende und alles Liebe Gesa

  2. Liebe Tiziana, die letzten Monate waren wohl für jeden auf die eine oder andere Weise eine Herausforderung und ich bin bei jedem einzelnen deiner Tipps absolut dabei.Musik ist für mich der Stimmungsaufheller Nummer eins, neben Büchern versteht sich oder einfach raus in die Natur. Und ja, auf alle Fälle öfter auf digitale Ablenkung verzichten, sondern sich um sich selbst kümmern. Ein toller Beitrag, der bestimmt vielen helfen wird. Ich wünsche dir eine ganz wundervolle Woche und hoffe, dir geht es gut. Alles, alles Liebe, x S.Mirli

  3. Hey Tiziana, I hope you are enjoying the first bits of springs!

    I have felt like this in the last year, specially after spending me too much time at home. But asy ou well said there are many easy tricks to boost your mood, from taking fresh air (even if you just go for a walk to buy the bread) to put your favorite song and dance around with no reason.

    I would love to see more similar posts in the future, very useful for the times we are living 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Tiziana,
    danke für das Teilen deiner Stimmungsbooster – einige davon nutze ich regelmäßig selbst, etwa Yoga/Bewegung oder Meditation. Auch kreativ sein hilft total, da stimme ich dir zu! Emotion ist ja nichts anderes als Energie in Bewegung (Energie in Motion = E-Motion), als Energie, die durch unseren Körper zirkuliert. Hauptsache, wir tun irgendwas, um diese Energie fließen zu lassen, denn wenn wir das zulassen, lösen sie sich besser.
    Ein superwichtiges und spannendes Thema also!
    Liebe Grüße!

    1. Oh wow Vanessa, ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass Emotion von Bewegung kommt! Wie faszinierend, das erklärt warum man sich wesentlich besser fühlt, wenn man sich bewegt, als wenn man vor dem Fernseher liegt 😉

  5. Das sind richtig tolle Tipps liebe Tiziana! Besonders Spazieren gehen und aufschreiben, wofür man dankbar ist hilft soo gut! Ich liebe es, mich zu bewegen und frische Luft zu bekommen, weshalb ich versuche, viel Zeit draußen zu verbringen.

    Ich hatte neulich eine Phase, wo es mir längere Zeit psychisch absolut nicht gut ging. Mir hat es da total geholfen, meine Gedanken aufzuschreiben und Meditationsmusik zu hören:)

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Krissi von the marquise diamond

  6. These are such good tips! I agree, even something simple like listening to a favourite song can be a real mood booster! 🙂 Such a helpful post!

    Hope that you are having a nice week so far.

    1. Oh yes it can cheer other people up so much! Especially on strangers I love giving a compliment and it is so nice to see how they are surprised and than start so smile and are genuinely happy 🙂

  7. These are great tips! I like how you have included time frames, sometimes you only need a small thing to boost your mood, don’t you? I like to have a try at something creative, always seems to get me out of a funk.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  8. Turning on my favorite song is a sure-fire mood booster, absolutely! Putting on a dancey playlist also helps pick me up since my body’s desire to groove inspires me to move which instantly makes me feel less lousy. Great post!

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