How to use your quarantine time wisely #motivation

Our second week of home quarantine is almost over and there is no end in sight yet. While we can all be thankful for having a safe place, where we can stay, it also pushes us to our limits to isolate for such a long time. So many are falling in a deep hole of depression and the anxiety levels are high, so I thought I send you a little reminder of some things that you could do to not only survive this quarantine time, but make the most of it.

Your Surroundings

Now that you spend so much time at home it is even more important to make sure that you feel really comfortable at home. Everyone of us has these spots, which already bother you for quite some time, but you never sorted them out. It might be that chaotic kitchen area, the pictures that still stand in a corner because you did´t hang them up yet or dislike the wall colors. Now is your time to change those things, clean them up, find a spot for every little thing that you own and get rid of the ones that don´t give you a good feeling. Often it helps already to reorganise your things, it´s not necessary to go out and by a bunch of new stuff. You probably underestimate the power of it, but believe me you will feel so much calmer when you are in peace with your surrounding and everything is well organised. It will also give you the good feeling of finally achieving something that you wanted to do for such a long time.

Gratitude And Boredom

Your inner peace is just as important as the outer effects. Especially in these uncertain time it is even more important to practice some gratitude and be thankful for the things you have, the people that surround you and the experiences you are making. Appreciate the little things that have been normal for you before like a walk outside, time with your loved ones or even cooking your favourite dish.

Extra tip: If you are not a meditation person try this: Choose the feeling of being bored for a moment and open up to it completely. We are so used to function all the time and run from one thing to another, but sometimes it helps to stop completely to get rid of the feeling of overload. The funny thing is that especially in those moments when we choose boredom and calm our head we actually end up with a new inspiration.

Now Is Your Time

Try the things you never had the time for. Learn the new language or some other skill with an online course, try out that recipe book you got last christmas. Write that book or look for your paints and draw a picture just for the sake of enjoying it. You could try out some new exercises, there are tons of videos on youtube or you start recording your own days and try out some video skills. Knit a scarf or sew something. Now is your time to be creative, so please don´t waste it with just binge watching all day long.
You could also start a new self-employment that you wanted to try for quite some time. So my recommendation to you is:

Extra tip: Choose your own project and start it T O D A Y

You don´t have anything you feel passionate about and don´t know which project you could choose? Than look at yourself as your project. In the next days and weeks you can try to find out which bigger life goal excites you and fills you with joy and happiness. Ask yourself which things make you happy and how you want your future to be like.
This post might help you. It is a 5 step guidance to more self-knowledge and happiness. It always helps me a lot to refocus on myself, choose my priorities and find back to happiness: Time to refocus: 5 simple steps to find your own path to happiness

Limit Bad Behaviours

In this crazy corona virus time it is so important to stay sane and look after yourself, so there a bunch of things that you should better not do while you are in a quarantine, cause the might depress you. My suggestions are

DON´T OVEREAT – Who else is eating way more than normally now that we are so close to our fridge all the time? It might be delicious, but can turn into a tricky situation quickly. Better plan your meals for the day and set yourself some boundaries. That way you can still enjoy the things you want to eat, but in a normal limit.

CREATION OVER CONSUMING is a real key changer. We are so used to just consume by watching tv, reading a book or listening to podcasts and therefor the thoughts of others. In the upcoming week limit your consuming time and choose something that you create.

NO POTATO MOOD – Now that our only walks are from the couch to the kitchen or to the bathroom it is really important to start to exercise. Even when you are normally not a sporty person you should include and schedule some exercise time in your day. Especially for beginners I recommend a weekly challenge. You will find lots of them on youtube and pinterest. Even though I´ve never been a fan of home workout videos before they really motivated me in the last week. I started to do them just by myself, but quickly my partner joined and even the three kids of his brother love to have a daily exercise challenge now – and believe me they didn´t move away from their videos games in the first week AT ALL! So our daily exercises really got some fun time in our days and I don´t want to miss them anymore.

DON´T OVERREAD – limit your scrolling time on social media and try to not read the news for too long. Sure it´s important to check what´s going on, but it´s also proved that too many informations will depress you. It is really personal to choose how much news time is too much for you, so listen to your gut. Some might be alright with 30 minutes, while others already feel overwhelmed after 5 minutes, so do what´s best for you.

DON´T SLEEP IN – and believe me that´s the hardest one for myself at the moment. As we are staying in the house of my boyfriends brother at the time and can´t fly back to our own home our only „free time“ without the 3 kids is really late and early in the morning. So we started to stay awake way too long and woke up at 10am with the kids jumping on our bed, but that´s not the best way to wake up. Now we have an alarm that wakes us up about 45 minutes before the kids wake up and it is so much better. Even though I actually might sleep less than before, I feel way more energised and started to like my mornings again. If you are struggling with sleeping in than look at your mornings, maybe you don´t want to leave the bed because there is nothing exciting you are looking forward to. Than change that!

REMEMBER YOUR GOOD HABITS -All the good habits that you normally do are here to help you feel calmer and happier with yourself. Stick with them even in this home quarantine time. Examples for good habits: waking up early, lemon water instead of a coffee in the morning, exercise, meditation, reading before bedtime and so on.

LOVE OVER HATE – Being 24/7 with your family or partner might be tricky for you. Try to not fight with your loved ones. This situation is as hard for them as it is for you and we all struggle with loosing our freedom of doing what we want when we want, eat what we want or even just having some alone time. Give them some extra space. Try to be helpful with things around the house and appreciate them. Is there someone who always cleans up or cooks? Than help that person and show them that you really appreciate their effort.

Plan New Adventures

Last but not least make a list of all the things that you would like to do, when your quarantine time is over. Even go the next step and look up on which place you can do the cooking class, that you are dreaming of right now. Plan the holiday and all the things you want to do on the destination, so that when you actually can leave the house again are more likely to actually do that trip. Just because your dreams have to wait at the moment does´t mean that you are not allowed to dream. It´s the opposite! Dream as big and as much as you can and when the quarantine time is over go out and make those dreams come true, cause what we all learned in the last weeks is that nothing can be taken for granted and we should use our time wisely.

Now is your time to be C R E A T I V E so please don´t waste it with just binge watching all day long. Klick um zu Tweeten

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  1. I do enjoy my time in the morning when I get up before the kids. I need that before I start my day, especially with them home so much!! I’ve been trying to eat healthy and getting my workouts in, I don’t want to come out of this 20 lbs heavier! Lol! These are great tips!


    1. Hi Carrie oh yes getting up before the kids do is such a game changer and especially at the moment really important as they don’t leave the house for school anymore! Today we slept in and they woke us up and half day long I felt a step behind, because I could´t do my normal morning habits 😀

  2. What a great post this is, thanks so much for sharing! Especially love the „remember your good habits“ bit coz it’s so easy to be taken out of routine these days that we forget what we did everyday that was actually good for us.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!! I´m glad you liked it and that it might help you to stick with your good habits in this tough times 😉

  3. This is such a positive post, Tiziana! I love the idea of really putting this time to good use, to doing things that serve us well, and maybe we can create habits that we will carry with us even after all of this is over with.

    I hope you’re staying safe, friend! I’m in Ohio and I expect our Stay at Home policy to be extended past next week.

    Make Life Marvelous

  4. Haha yes, binge watching is fun for max. a day. I love to workout, read a book and spend a lot of time with my kids because the school is closed. Loving all your tips! Sleeping in on the weekends is okay but during the week I’m keeping a daily outine.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Liebe Tiziana, was für ein wunderbarer Beitrag und ich kann dir einfach nur in allen Punkten beistimmen – ein schönes Zuhause schaffen, sich nicht zu sehr gehen lassen, sondern aktiv und kreativ im Rahmen der gegebenen Möglichkeiten sein und diese sind doch recht zahlreich, auch wenn es manchen auf dem ersten Blick nicht so scheint. Aber auch Ruhe und Nichtstun zulassen und zu träumen beginnen – besser geht es nicht. Du hast damit ein richtiges Wohlfühlpaket geschaffen. Es ist dabei sicherlich wirklich für viele wichtig, sich daran zu halten und sich auch immer wieder aufzuraffen, wenn auch kein Arbeitsalltag gegeben ist, um nicht zu niedergeschlagen oder depressiv zu werden. Ich denke aber, diese Punkte passen auch in anderen Situationen immer wieder mal in unserem Leben. Danke für diese großartige Aufstellung.
      Bleibe gesund und alles Liebe

  5. These are nice tips, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂 I’m working from home and also trying to teach the kids since the schools are closed! Definitely no time for me to reorganise anything or learn something new, haha! Lots of fun with the kids though 🙂

  6. Hi Tiziana,

    das sind tolle Tipps! Vor allem das Thema der Routinen, die man so schleifen lässt…dabei ertappe ich mich auch – gerade was das Naschen angeht 🙂 Da muss ich mich auch wieder etwas zusammenreißen 😀
    Bleibt gesund und passt auf euch auf!

  7. What a fabulous round up post of tips! I agree wholeheartedly that it feels good to finish off some of the projects you’ve been putting off, even if it’s a small thing. And making yourself feel comfortable in your own house is so important these days, they’re telling us we’ll be working like this and homeschooling for at least the next 3 to 4 months. I tend to stay up late too to get some “me” time but it’s not really good for me – so I couldn’t agree more that waking up on your own terms is way better. Stay well, lovely x

  8. Oh my goodness, this is such a great read! I’ve really been trying to come up with new things to grow from this experience. Whether that is learning new cooking or DIY projects or taking classes on SkillShare. Trying to make sure that this time is valuable instead of a waste!

    xo Logan

  9. Such great advice, I will definitely keep these things in mind. I agree I think limiting our bad behaviours is so important. Hope you’re keeping safe x

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