You realize you are a writer when ..

Since I started this blog, more and more people have asked me how I´ve realized, that I want to be an author. For me that was actually never a question, because it was always clear to me that I want to create magical worlds. From an early age on I always loved to read for hours, made up stories over stories in my head and felt drawn to books and the magical worlds that they create.


If you ask me, you realize that you are a writer when …

.. every time you meet someone new, you automatically think about whether the person would give up a good character for a novel or not.

.. you spin your own bedtime stories in your head before you fall asleep.

..  you tend to describe your own experiences as long and wide as if your life would be a book and you pack them into little anecdote stories.

.. you no matter where you go, you ALWAYS have something to write with you, to take a note of your best ideas.

.. your book figures mean as much to you as if they were your own children.

.. you motivate yourself in bad phases by the fact that this is only one part of your own history and that the next chapter will certainly begin soon.

.. you constantly throw around with book quotes as if they were the most important knowledge of life.

.. everytime you read a book, you´d like to change some formulations or wish you could send feedback to the author which small changes would make the story get even better.

.. the best christmas gift for you would be a book. Or a new notebook for your own stories.

..  you even before christmas (or other celebrations) think about how to free up time for yourself, because you really want to continue writing.

.. writing is your favorite thing to you and delights you.

.. test readers and editors are your greatest friends, but also your biggest enemies.

.. you sometimes search for the perfect word combination for weeks and get lost in thoughts about how it sounds.

.. your phone or notebook is full with endless lists of possible book titles.

.. you’re never happy with your own writing and always want to optimize it, except when you’ve accidentally lost or deleted something written. Then you are sure it was your best work ever. A masterpiece that is lost forever.

.. you’d rather let no one touch your notebook out of fear someone could destroy your sanctuary.

.. you also don’t let anyone on your notebook, because your google search history could make you look like a highly criminal mass murderer. In all cases it would raise a lot of questions.

.. at the game „What Would You Save From a Burning House“ you always think first about your notebook with all your manuscripts on it.

.. you´d like to write through all day and night and don´t like to get bothered about food breaks.

.. you spend the moments that you’re actually not writing by reading another author’s book.

.. you always have a book with you in case there will be a good opportunity to read.

.. you can’t think of anything better than meeting up for a cup of coffee with your favorite authors and asking them out.

.. you suffer when you let something bad happen to your figures.

.. you sometimes envy your own novelist characters for living a much more glamorous life than you.

.. a single comment or review has the power to destroy your whole day, or make it the best day ever.

.. you have an intimate relationship to your own word formations.

.. you have too many stories in your head and wish you could write at all of them at the same time.

.. you are automatically questioning the characters, their actions and the whole plot everytime you read a book.

.. you leave a part of yourself in your books and are afraid readers might recognize your deepest abysses.

.. you have at least ten thousand great reasons why you would like to sit down an write right now and at this moment.

.. you could go on with this list endlessly, but know that only a real writer reads till the end anyway.

You realize you are a writer when ..every time you meet someone new, you automatically think about whether the person would give up a good character for a novel or not. Share on X

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