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Exactly one year ago I wrote this following words. I wrote them out of my heart, meant every single one of it, but still wasn´t brave enough to make the necessary actions follow. Or to even post it here and share my thoughts. Months has passed and I started to make changes. I turned my life around completely, as you might have read in my last life update. I moved to the other side of the world, but it seems like I still didn´t escape from my worries or fears. So what comes next?

Why wait? 

It´s the typical time of a new year, where some people are still motivated to keep up with their new year resolutions, while others already gave up on their hopes of change.

I could tell you guys now the secrets of how you do a good planning, so that you reach your goals in this year. And it´s true that you can make most of your dreams come true with a good preparation. But some things aren´t planable.

Like happiness.    
                            Or an adventure.
                                                            Or love.

How long will be enough?
I started this year like all the others. With a gorgeous new calendar, a heart filled with hopes and dreams, totally ready for a new start. Normally I love to write down my goals for the new year. I actually write down tons and when I reach most of them, I´m pretty happy. But this year feels different.

I am sick of planning.

Of waiting for the right time for my life to begin.

I asked myself over and over again: Why wait?

And don´t get me wrong. There are always lots of good reason why now isn´t the right time. Why it would be smarter to not have a baby now. Or change the job. Start your own business. Get the dog you always wanted or travel to the places you always dreamed of seeing.
I always tell myself that the right time hasn´t come – yet. It´s not the right time for it now. That my time will come. One day. But you know what? Who promises me that I will have that time?

We always act like as time wouldn´t be precious. As if we would have all the time of the world.

But no matter how long we wait for some things to happen, it seems like the perfect timing never comes.

So what if the truth is that we are just too damn scared to try?

No matter how long we wait for some things to happen, it seems like the perfect timing never comes. Klick um zu Tweeten

Stop wasting time

Isn´t it stupid that you sometimes need to be on the edge of losing everything, to learn how to appreciate things more? That you are only willing to risk things, to change things, when you almost lost them?

When I look back at the last year I see myself struggling more than ever. Remember how much time got lost by sickness and health issues, but now that I´m on my way to get better again, it doesn´t seem so urgent anymore to change things.

Because it is the easiest to keep on going with the life you know.

To live by following the rules of others.

To not risk anything.

Because you are too scared of what you might loose, when you open up your mouth. So you pretend that it´s not that bad at all.

That everything you got is enough.

But still you can´t stop imagining this different life, always wishing for more.

And still are to afraid to move, to afraid of all the things that could go wring. So you never try the hardest, you never really give your best to change life to the better.  

The signal that starts the game? It doesn´t exist! Klick um zu Tweeten

What are you waiting for?

The signal that starts the game? It doesn´t exist!

No one will come to you and tell you when the right time has come
, ´cause you know what? It´s nobodies business what you do with your life. It´s yours.

Yours to take care of. Yours to live the fullest.

No one will come and dictate you how to live your life in a better way, what to do to be happier or where to go to. Which dreams to go after.

No one will decide for you. No one but you.

YOU are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness, your dreams to come true and your life. You have tons of opportunities. It´s up to you what you will make out of them.

Find your dreams

Listen to yourself. Deep down, hidden from everyone else to see, there are your dreams waiting for you to finally make them come true. If your dream is to start your own business, why don’t you start it? Why wait and risk wasting more time?

Go after the life that you want!

A year of NOW

I for myself want a year of NOW.

I don´t want to plan anymore. I don´t want to wait.

I don´t want to dream all day of a better life, I want to LIVE it.
I want to do something unexpected.
Something I will remember. Something that makes me grow.
I don´t want to just keep going, let work dictate my life.

I guess I don´t want to rush anymore, I want an open view for the beauty of the little things again.

And I want to find new dreams.

I want to experience instead of just going after goals.

So if you ask me for my new years resolutions:

I won´t rush anymore, because there is too much to miss.
I won´t rush anymore, because there is too much to miss. Klick um zu Tweeten

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    1. Hi Amely, thank you for your kind words. I wish you all the best, to get past your fears and make this year special for yourself.
      Lots of love,

  1. Liebe Tiziana, ich bin beeindruckt von diesen tollen Bilder – die sehen einfach genial aus. Aber dein Text schlägt wirklich alles – so viel Wichtiges und Wesentliches für unser Leben drückst du darin aus. Wie du so schon schreibst, finden wir immer wieder Ausreden und Gründe, warum wir etwas gerade nicht machen können, warum es später erledigt wird, warum es aufgeschoben wird und vor lauter aufschieben, wird es vielleicht auch gar nicht mehr gemacht. Ich weiß noch genau, wie ich meinen ersten Beitrag für den Blog geschrieben habe und dann mit dem Finger über der Enter-Taste geschwebt bin – Abdrücken oder doch nicht? Vielleicht doch noch mal durchlesen, vielleicht doch noch mal kontrollieren, vielleicht doch noch mal ändern? In diesem Zusammenhang fällt mir auch immer dieser Spruch ein „Wann, wenn nicht jetzt? Sonst wirst du eines Tages aufwachen und keine Zeit mehr haben für die Dinge, die du immer tun wolltest. Tu sie jetzt!“ Ich wünsche dir ein ganz wunderbares Jahr und dass sich deine Vorhaben nach deinen Vorstellungen umsetzen lassen.
    Hab ein wunderbares Wochenende und alles Liebe

    1. Oh es freut mich, dass dir der Text so gefallen hat. Ich war tatsächlich ziemlich lange unsicher, ob ich ihn überhaupt hochladen soll. Aber du hast Recht, wann wenn nicht jetzt. Wir sollten einfach mehr die Dinge tun, die uns glücklich machen, anstatt jene von welchen wir denken, dass andere sie von uns erwarten.
      Wünsche dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche. Ganz liebe Grüße,

    1. Hi Julia oh you´re words are so wise! Yes we are the only once responsible for our own happiness 🙂
      I´m glad you liked my post, wish you a great new week!!

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