Fall Reading List: romance books to fall in love with this autumn

Hello friends, the weather gets colder and it´s my favourite season of the year. And no I promise I don’t just say that because my birthday is in autumn. I love fall, because of the cosy reading times and today I would like to share my fall reading list with you. Grab a hot chocolate or a tea, take your cosiest blanket and get ready for the best romance books you can read this autumn!

Kiss me Once

Let´s start with one of the sweetest stories I´ve read in the last couple of weeks. „Kiss me Once“ and „Kiss me Twice“ are two beautiful bodyguard love stories that are perfect for a cosy weekend. They are written by the Austrian author Stella Tack, so unfortunately the are not available yet in English.

The Storyline:

Kiss Me Once: Ivy wants to break out from the controlled world of her billionaire father and goes with a sponsorship to a Community College in Florida. Little does she know that the boy she´s kissing on her first day turns out to be her secret bodyguard.

Kiss Me Twice: Silver is not only a tough girl, but she is also a talented bodyguard. When she meets Prince Prescot he asks her for help to escape a crew of paparazzi. He´s impressed by her skills and hires her as his secret bodyguard, but no one can know that she is helping him, so she has to pretend that she would be his girlfriend instead.

Why You Will Fall In Love With These Books:

Both books are fun to read and have a unique storyline. Some of the characters are in both books, but you can totally read only one of them. If you are looking for a cheesy little love story these books are a great choice! I read them on just a weekend and the writing style made me smile so often, that I can really recommend them!

Never Doubt

Sometimes you need the words of someone else to find your own voice again!

The Storyline:

When Willow Holloway moves from the big city of New York into a tiny town she suffers from a traumatic experience. Nobody understands what is going on inside her nor does she find any help until she gets the role of Ophelia in the community theatre play Hamlet. With Shakespeares‘ famous words she finds a way to express her own feelings and open up to the world again.

Why You Will Fall In Love With This Book:

This book has everything you might be looking for: an emotional story, amazing characters, a cultural and interesting setting and most importantly a love that is beyond physical attraction. I adore how the author Emma Scott is creating characters with a true artist’s soul and a diverse mindset. Her writing style is great and the way how the author has interwoven the dialogues of the play with the storyline of the book is brilliant.

The german version has also a great audiobook, which I listened to

Tell Me Three Things

„Just because you´re strong doesn´t mean you shouldn´t ask for help sometimes. Remember that.“

The Storyline:

The book is about Jessie Holmes, who receives anonymous mail with advice on her first day of high school after moving to a new city. She quickly wonders why a stranger wants to help her get through the chaotic everyday school life. Is it just a prank? Jessie doesn´t know who is texting her, but the more messages they exchange, the stronger her feelings for the sender get. But who is this stranger who makes her heart beat faster?

Why You Will Fall In Love With This Book:

Even though this book is for a younger reader group it gives lots of great advice and it´s such a funny one, that I already recommended it to a bunch of people. If English isn´t your first language this book might be a good choice for practising for English reading. There are different writing styles like emails included and it will definitely cheer your day up.

The Light In Us

The Storyline:

The talented violinist Charlotte Conroy was a raising star when a tragedy crushed her hopes and broke her heart. While playing music always made her feel alive, she can`t touch her instrument anymore. When she gets the offer to work as a personal assistant for a while she is relieved, as she desperately needs to find a job to pay her bills. What she doesn´t know, is that the young man she has to work for just survived a horrific accident. Noah Lake was a famous journalist and extreme sports athlete, who lived for the adventure but is now trapped in the darkness. He didn´t only lose his career, but also his ability to see.

Why You Will Fall In Love With This Book:

This book is one of the rare ones that I`m sure I will never forget. It touches on the topic of being blind in such a beautiful and realistic way, that it left me speechless for so many moments. It is heartbreaking, but not in a depressing way. While some books tear you down by reading the horrific story, this one concentrates on the magic of not giving up. Both characters have their own paths to finding a truly happy and fulfilling life again.

Have you read any of the books yet? What do you think about my fall reading list? Will you add some of the books to your own autumn reading list? Please let me know and for more book recommendations, click here to get to my Instagram

I wish you all a cosy reading time,

german versions:

english versions:

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  1. I’m particularly interested in Kiss Me Once and Kiss Me Twice. I love the storyline. I also love the storyline of Never Doubt; it’s my kind of novel.
    I LOVE that you made heart shaped waffles. I love your attention to stains and also your pictures!
    Keep shining like you always do!


  2. Liebe Tiziana, ich bin ja sowieso so eine Lese-Romantikerin, nicht nur im Herbst und deshalb freue ich mich natürlich riesig über deine Buchvorstellungen, vor allem weil mir die Titel alle noch vollkommen unbekannt sind – was für ein Skandal, ich werde gleich mal meine Amazon-Wunschliste bearbeiten. Vielen Dank für die Vorstellung. Ich wünsche dir ein wundervolles Wochenende, alles, alles Liebe, x S.Mirli

  3. Liebe Tiziana, der Herbst ist zwar nicht meine Lieblingsjahreszeit, aber was das Lesen betrifft bin ich absolut bei dir – über Büchertipps freue ich mich einfach zu jeder Jahreszeit und da ich gerne quer durch alle Genres lese, sind deine Vorstellungen perfekt für mich.Ein paar gemütlichen Lesestunden steht also nichts mehr im Wege. Ja und übrigens, ich hätte mir wohl vor dem Lesen des Blogbeitrags gleich mal was Köstliches zubereiten sollen, denn bei den ansprechenden Fotos mit den Waffeln hat sich doch gleich mal der Dessert-Magen Gehör verschafft 😉
    Hab ein ganz wunderbares Wochenende und alles, alles Liebe

  4. Hi Tiziana,
    danke für deine Buchvorschläge – nicht, dass ich noch mehr auf meinem SuB bräuchte, aber es gibt einfach zu viele tolle Bücher 🙂 Vor allem „Never Doubt“ spricht mich sehr an!
    Liebe Grüße!

  5. Huhu Tiziana,
    von deinen vorgestellten Büchern kenne ich noch keins. Aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch werden. Ich finde übrigens auch, dass der Herbst ganz besonders gemütlich ist und sich ganz wunderbar für flauschige Lesestunden eignet. 🙂
    Eine schöne Restwoche und herzliche Grüße, Tati

  6. Hello Tiziana,

    I hope your new home is treating you well and so good to read that you are finally getting some time to catch up with your one of your favorite things to do!

    As you I prefer this weather, there is no better sensation to grab a blanket, a cup of your favorite hot beverage and a book! First time I hear about these titles but the covers are really well designed and eye catchy and that got my attention…. I don’t read a lot of romance novels, but I could give it a chance for sure, specially if I want to forget about work after a long day!

    Stay safe and thanks always for your support!


  7. They sound like really interesting books! My neighbour started a book club in Iso and it’s got me back into reading, it’s a lot of fun finding new authors to try at the thrift store – I’ll have to keep an eye out for some of these! 🙂

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend 🙂

  8. Kiss Me Once steht auch noch auf meiner Liste 🙂 Die When We Dream Reihe von Anne Pätzold ist für mich aber auch ein richtiges Herbst/ Winterbuch! Freue mich schon sehr, wenn bald der letzte Band rauskommt!
    Liebe Grüße

  9. I always love going through these book lists for inspiration. I am such a bookworm since I was a kid. Do you like reading on Kindles? I made the switch a few years back after a lot of hesitation and now I cannot imagine my life without a kindle. A book I’ve recently finished is Memoirs of a Geisha (I know it is not exactly a new book, but it is fascinating and a great read and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good fiction read during these cold days).

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