WRITING GUIDE: How to choose your next story idea

The inspiration for a new story idea can hit you everywhere. You can be in the shower, on a walk or in the middle of a conversation with someone. What is hardest is to choose, which of your ideas you actually dedicate the time to turn it into a story. In this part of the writing guide we talk about how you find out, which idea is the right one to focus on.

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Quick Tips To Boost Your Mood

We all know these phases, when we get overwhelmed by the little and big challenges of life. For me personally the last season has been extra demanding, so I tried out some different things to boost my mood. Today I want to share the ones, that I found most helpful. They might not fix your problems, nor take the stress away completely, but they will help you deal better with it! And we all know the more we feel confident in our own body and mind, the better we handle tricky situations. So stay tuned for my little tricks and habits of how to feel better!

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Fall Reading List: romance books to fall in love with this autumn

Hello friends, the weather gets colder and it´s my favorite season of the year. And no I promise I don’t just say that because my birthday is in autumn. I love fall, because of the cozy reading times and today I would like to share my fall reading list with you. Grab a hot chocolate or a tea, take your coziest blanket and get ready for the best romance books you can read this autumn!

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