30 things I want to do before I turn 30

14 Rock NaNoWriMo
I have followed the national novel writing month (short Nanowrimo) the last few years. The goal is to write a hole book or 50,000 words in November within a month. Although I actually made the number of words two years ago, when I was working on the book project „escape the ordinary“, I would like to actually challenge myself of writing a complete book in a month. However this requires a lot of pre-planning and since november is already starting in a few weeks, I have to see if I can do it in time. So this one might be a maybe on the list. But one thing is clear: the more time I get for writing, the happier I am.

#15 Celebrate successes
Since we’re already so open up, I can confess another thing. I find it immensely difficult to celebrate my own successes. Celebrating the successes of others is way easier for me. I like to organize surprise celebrations, get in touch with their successes or stand by with advice and support. But I do not appreciate my own successes enough. This will be changed: until my next birthday I will enjoy every little success, toast on it and celebrate it as if it would be a big milestone.

#16 Musical melancholy
A stage of life goes by and a new one begins. So that I can reminisce at any time, I would like to create a playlist of my favorite songs of my twenties, which means songs that were produced between 2009 and 2019. This is going to be lots of fun, as many pieces remind me of my graduation and study time. How is it for you: do you still like to hear the older pieces and use them as a memorizer?

#17 Learn from a professional
Crazy but true, although I am an absolute fan of culinary cuisine, I have never attended a cooking class. Although I´ve wished for a voucher for a cooking course a few times already, it somehow always turned out different. That´s why I would love to finally go to a cooking course in the next year.

#18 Learn how to handle sewing
The older I´m getting, the more a prejudice is growing in my mind. It says: as a thirty-year-old you are really grown up and should be able to handle a needle and thread. Okay that´s the time where you can laugh at me. It´s ridiculous right? I know how oldfashioned this view is. But one thing is clear: I want to finally learn how to sew. That’s why I want to start a sewing project before my next birthday and create something completely by myself. Maybe a dress or a patchwork blanket, we’ll see. For the beginning I started with something easy as sewing some patches on my backpack. Is there anything you have in mind when you´re thinking about being an adult, something you´d like to learn aswell?

#19 Help others
Especially when I’m traveling the desire to engage me for a good cause gets stronger. I would like to do more than just donate. Participate in an active way in a social project and make a difference with my work would make me really happy.

#20 Welcome a new family member
For the last few years I have been playing with the idea of letting a pet into my life again. As a child I grew up surrounded by lots of animals and the more often I come home alone, the more I´m wishing for someone to welcome me. But as I want to be a responsible adult, I don´t want to leave an animal all day alone while I´m in the office.

#21 Say goodbye
The more I was concentrating on my goals and wishes I want to achieve lately, the clearer it crystallized how many bad influences and energy eaters there are as well. Whether it is a toxic person in the environment or unpleasant objects in the apartment, which should be better thrown out, since they only evoke negative memories anyway; it is time to say goodbye.

#22 Learn Spanish
For a few weeks now, I´ve refreshed my rusted school spanish vocabulary and I had to find out, that I had actually forgotten almost everything. My new goal is to manage a whole conversation in spanish. For example I would love if, if I would be able to have dinner with someone without needing my lexicon app anymore.

#23 Do nothing for a whole day
No obligations, no time pressure and no bad conscience to stay in bed with my sweetheart for a whole day and absolutely do nothing – except for maybe eat treats and watch netflix – that would be nice.

#24 Try out twelve new recipes
As much as I like to cook, lately I´m so stressed that I only make proven dishes. Telling myself there wouldn´t be enough time, it would not be worth it cooking something extravagant just for myself and so on. The excuses list is long. But I hardly enjoy anything as much as I like trying out new food. That’s why I’m setting the goal to try at least one new recipe per month from now on.

#25 Take more pictures again
Capture unique moments in photos, manifest memories and become more aware of how many highlights are in your own everyday life.

#26 Live with the sun
Starting a day by watching the sun rise and finish it with a wonderfully reddish sunset, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

#27 Find a new role model
Nothing motivates as much as a role model. Whether it is an author or a time management professional, I would like to be infected again by the productivity and optimism of a successful person. Suggestions anyone?

#28 Dance on a wedding
I already experienced the classic wedding customs like being a maid of honor or catching the bridal bouquet, but I think you can never dance too often on weddings. I mean who doesn´t love the happy atmosphere of two lovebirds that are beginning their happily ever after? So here´s to my friends and family isn´t there someone of you, who wants to celebrate a breathtaking wedding? I mean I would even offer myself as a helper, if you need me to. Just kidding.

#29 Climb Machu Picchu
The thought of visiting the ruins of Peru excites me for quite some time now. However, since I am currently having some health issues due to an accident that happened a few month ago, the multi-day hike could be quite a challenge for me. But with a little preparation, this should also be possible.

#30 Get my book published
As an unpublished author there is of course no greater goal than to hold my own book as a printed edition in my hands.

Wishes can only come true, if you work every day piece by piece on the realization. So now it’s time for you to make your own wishlist!

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