Hi I´m Tiziana and just moved to the other side of the world – to chile! I was born in hannover in germany and just turned 30 this year. I used to work as a marketing manager in finances, but always dreamed about being an author. So a few months ago I took all my courage together and published my first novel, which is called „Escape the Ordinary“. It´s a novel about finding you own paths growing up in such a social media world and how to find your own happiness. So far you can only get the book in german, but I`m working on an english version. Writing is my total passion and as I´m crazy about traveling I decided to give this blog a relaunch and share my new path with you guys. You will find posts about starting a life in a new country, lots of traveling posts and I´ll show you my journey as a writer and will share some motivational tips with you. If you´re interested in my daily life you can follow me on instagram, where I share most of it and love to chat with you guys.