How to make new friends – as an adult

Hello friends, today I would like to talk about a topic that has been important to me in the last years. It seems like losing friendships over the years is part of getting older. You might have developed different interests, priorities and life goals and grown apart from your old buddies. Or you moved to a new place or abroad like me. Making new friends as an adult isn´t that easy for everyone so I share some experiences and tips what had helped me in the last years.

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5 Travel Tips For More Sustainability

After wishing, hoping and patiently waiting the time is about to come, when we can finally travel safely again. More and more people get vaccinated each day and the travel barriers open up slowly again. I thought it´s a good moment, to share some thoughts on how to make vacations more sustainable. I´m sure lots of people will get so excited about finally being able to explore places, that they won´t spend too many thoughts on the downside of travel. Therefore I´d like to share 5 travel tips for more sustainability.

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Quick Tips To Boost Your Mood

We all know these phases, when we get overwhelmed by the little and big challenges of life. For me personally the last season has been extra demanding, so I tried out some different things to boost my mood. Today I want to share the ones, that I found most helpful. They might not fix your problems, nor take the stress away completely, but they will help you deal better with it! And we all know the more we feel confident in our own body and mind, the better we handle tricky situations. So stay tuned for my little tricks and habits of how to feel better!

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